Safe our climate!

What you can do for the environment - simple tips for everyday life

It is up to us to reshape our future and take it into our own hands. Where politics fail, each individual acts independently on his own and for the future of our earth. We take so much from her every day. Now it's time to give some of it back.


We can all support the regeneration of our environment with small steps and measures. It is not a question of a complete waiver, but of every little contribution. The individual steps of everyone will make a big difference!

"Everyone can do something for the environment."

Everyday tips:


1. Avoid garbage

  • Banishing disposable products

  • zero-waste shops and "unwrapped" - shop instead of supermarkets or discounters

  • Fill your own glass bottle with tap water

  • Buy loose fruits and vegetables

  • Use your own reusable cups and cans instead of "To Go"

  • Pay attention to hidden microplastics in products (acrylate copolymer, polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, siloxane are nothing more than plastic)

  • Separate trash

  • Pay attention to natural materials when clothing


2. Consume less

  • Safe electricity and water

  • Heating consciously

  • Shop consciously: „do I really need this?“

  • Switch to green electricity


3. Sustainable travel

  • Avoid short distanced by car

  • Avoid traveling by plane

  • Use public transport


4. Healthy diet

  • Maintain a plant-based diet

  • Avoid meat

  • Use regional products